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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Winter Wishes Charity Event at Urban City Coffee Lounge

Urban City Coffee Lounge hosted a fantastic charity event to benefit the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. It was a festive event filled with fantastic live holiday music provided by Chris Morton and Megan Moreau

Edgar Hansen from the Northwestern Crab Boat (yup, the boat from the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel) came out to show his support and sign autographs. Proceeds from the evening's event will be donated to the families who need support during their child's stay at the hospital. Find out  more information about Edgar and the Northwestern here:  www.fvnorthwestern.com


It was a great event and a lot of people from our community came out to show their support and share in the reason for the season!  

By the way, if you like coffee and you haven't checked out Urban City's Coffee...you are seriously missing out! Brewed locally in Mukilteo...they are a great company with a fantastic product. Find out more information here: Urban City Coffee.

Santa Casey announcing the winners for the raffle event. 

Edgar was such a great hit with all his fans!! 

For more information about how you can help out or to donate to 
Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Click Here.

Happy Holidays!!  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Houses!!

We had our nieces and nephew up for our annual Gingerbread House party! It was such a fun, messy time. This year, I went all "Susie Homemaker" and attempted to make "real" gingerbread as opposed to the usual graham cracker routine...Thinking they'd be more sturdy - Guess again...That so wasn't the case. Better luck next year! ;) It was still fun and we managed to not eat all of the candy!

Aunt Katie helping hunter with his frosting. 

 Check out all the LOOT! 

 Not sure where Laura got the patience of Job, but she certainly has it!! 

Uncle Danny using his construction skills to help out with Ashley's house! 

There's no such thing as "too many sprinkles"...(of course, we won't mention the fact that her house collapsed 10 minutes later...total fluke!) 

Jillian's getting curious about all this chaos! 

 Hunter was lovin' every minute of this!!  

Yup, Hunter got creative and deciding that throwing the skittles was a way faster method! 

After a slight explosion with her Capri Sun drink...time to change Abby into her pj's...but first, running around in her diaper!

Hunter's attempt to turn  my camera off!! 

Happy Holidays to you all!! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart Faces: Pets

This weeks photo challenge over at I Heart Faces is Pets. While this is my first entry for one of their challenges, I've been a member over there for a few months and have loved every minute of it! 

 Here's a photo I took of our cat, Gizmo, in our backyard. It's one of my favorite's of him because I feel it captures him in his "on the prowl" mode, which is rare for him since typically prowling requires exercise! 
  He is the best (and possibly the fattest) cat ever...but we love all 21.5 pounds of him! 

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fix it Friday: #80

It's Fix-It Friday over at I Heart Faces. 

Here is the original SOOC shot taken by the lovely, Jessica Paige. 

Honestly, I really like the total package of the above photo. I love, love, love the field and the lighting! And the frame idea is so cute! Below is my edit using Lightroom 3. 
(Cropped, Adjusted contrast, boosted color saturation just a bit, reduced noise, added slight vignette around edges) 

See all the other fun edits over at I Heart Faces here:

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walker / Fogle Family

I'd like for you to meet Katie and Zach... However, in my book - they officially fall under the category of "BESTIES" and I love them more than they know (sorry Zach, 'nuff mush). They asked me to take some family pics of their family (and their pups, Viking & Piper)...and they were fantastic subjects. We even got a few "band promo" shots (for the band that they have yet to start...but if they ever do...well, they are covered. And, a Blue Steel appearance.)

SIBLING LOVING!! Katie, Paul & Keturah

We call the next two photos the "BAND PROMOS"...Zach's got the drums covered...other than that...hmm? Well, I've seen Katie karaoke...they could be on to something! 

Zach & Keturah cracked me up! They have such a cute chemistry! 

Piper and Paul (Paul has been deemed the "Piper Whisperer" since before Paul got her, she was a bit of high maintenance pup with attitude and he's trained her well)


Anybody for some "BLUE STEEL"?!?!? 

Love it when they aren't afraid of a little GOOFY time!