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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walker / Fogle Family

I'd like for you to meet Katie and Zach... However, in my book - they officially fall under the category of "BESTIES" and I love them more than they know (sorry Zach, 'nuff mush). They asked me to take some family pics of their family (and their pups, Viking & Piper)...and they were fantastic subjects. We even got a few "band promo" shots (for the band that they have yet to start...but if they ever do...well, they are covered. And, a Blue Steel appearance.)

SIBLING LOVING!! Katie, Paul & Keturah

We call the next two photos the "BAND PROMOS"...Zach's got the drums covered...other than that...hmm? Well, I've seen Katie karaoke...they could be on to something! 

Zach & Keturah cracked me up! They have such a cute chemistry! 

Piper and Paul (Paul has been deemed the "Piper Whisperer" since before Paul got her, she was a bit of high maintenance pup with attitude and he's trained her well)


Anybody for some "BLUE STEEL"?!?!? 

Love it when they aren't afraid of a little GOOFY time! 


  1. DUDE, SPOTTY, these are FANTASTIC! i'm totally booking you to come make us look like rockstars in the new year. i won't trust my family pictures to anyone else!

    xoxoxoxoxoxo! you're so talented!

  2. Oh Yay! I would love to do that for your adorable lil Fam-bamly!