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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Houses!!

We had our nieces and nephew up for our annual Gingerbread House party! It was such a fun, messy time. This year, I went all "Susie Homemaker" and attempted to make "real" gingerbread as opposed to the usual graham cracker routine...Thinking they'd be more sturdy - Guess again...That so wasn't the case. Better luck next year! ;) It was still fun and we managed to not eat all of the candy!

Aunt Katie helping hunter with his frosting. 

 Check out all the LOOT! 

 Not sure where Laura got the patience of Job, but she certainly has it!! 

Uncle Danny using his construction skills to help out with Ashley's house! 

There's no such thing as "too many sprinkles"...(of course, we won't mention the fact that her house collapsed 10 minutes later...total fluke!) 

Jillian's getting curious about all this chaos! 

 Hunter was lovin' every minute of this!!  

Yup, Hunter got creative and deciding that throwing the skittles was a way faster method! 

After a slight explosion with her Capri Sun drink...time to change Abby into her pj's...but first, running around in her diaper!

Hunter's attempt to turn  my camera off!! 

Happy Holidays to you all!! 

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  1. beautiful... but just looking at all that sugar makes me sleepy! *lol*